COVID-19 Free Giftcard Promotion

Want to help support more local restaurants and small businesses, plus get a little extra buying power for yourself (and your family) during this Coronavirus crisis? Well, here's how:


Make a Purchase From Our Parent Company & Receive A Free Giftcard Of Equal Face-Value

We wanted to leverage our many business relationships to try to help local families, restaurants and businesses, but since we couldn't technically "sell" giftcards, we decided to sell our actual services instead and just give the giftcards away for free. The cool thing about our actual services is they're mostly design and software-based (we're a SaaS company) and we already have payment plans.

So this is what we came up with: Everybody's got a "Million-Dollar Idea"! Tell us yours and purchase an App Design Prototype from our parent company Pre-Order Apps, Inc. (who created and designed this We're Open online business & restaurant directory) and we'll match your purchase dollar for dollar and give you a free giftcard (or digital e-giftcard) to any restaurant or business of your choosing - equal to the face-value of your purchase! So, if you buy a $30 App Design Package, then in addition to your designs, you'll also receive a free $30 giftcard and if you buy a $300 App Design package you'll receive a $300 giftcard (or up to 3 $100 giftcards). 


4 Easy Monthly Payments (25% upfront) - Receive Your Giftcard(s) In 4 Days

Best of all, you get to pay for your App Design Package in 4 easy, no-interest monthly installment payments. So if you choose a $100 App Design Package then you only have to pay $25 upfront and still get a free $100 giftcard as a bonus! Then the remaining $75 balance will come off your card in $25 installment payments each of the next 3 consecutive months. 

This is our little way of giving back and helping Greater Chicago Area residents and families get access to a little more buying power, while also helping restaurants & small businesses create a little more cash flow. And, it also doesn't hurt that it helps brings more awareness to our parent company Pre-Order Apps, Inc who's busy helping small businesses transform themselves and adapt to more contactless technology and operations during this challenging time.

And, if you really must know "the catch", we limit the promotion to local restaurants and businesses because those are the ones that need help, but those are also the ones giving discounts on giftcards right now, so we can give you face-value while purchasing them for less than face - and we get to write them off as a marketing expensve, but recognize the revenue from the App Design Package sales on our books. So, BOOM! Win-Win-Win. You win, the restaurants and small businesses win - and we win too!

If you'd like to know more, have questions or have someone quickly walk you through the 5-minute process, please feel free to call us Mon-Fri 9:30am - 7:30pm at 312-857-3511.

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